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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So, I set up to this task with some mixed feelings but it's starting to look great.
I started with bunch of thinn wires (each consrtucted from 8 thinner ones), covered half of their lenght with Paperclay modelling main trunk. When it dried, I separated wires, shaping a lot of branches. Some separated completely, some only partially and in different points, also added few more to create more branches. I covered some of the branches with a little more of Paperclay to get thicker branches.
Than came very time-consuming and patience-demanging part. I mixed glue with water (half-half). Cutting small scraps of crepe paper, I dipped each piece in the mixture and than put it on the tree, covering this way as well main trunk as all the branches. On some I put more to get more twisted look. It's very painstacking job but the final effect, old tree, is great.
I painted my tree using few shades of brown, some green and gray and glued on leaves. The only thing missing now is more leaves as 100 hundred punched leaves isn't enough. I guess I need about 4 times more so I ordered them from Abby as she has nice and nonexpensive paper punches. I orderd them in few shades of green to give my tree more real like look. When it will be done, i will post picture of final effect. Those leaves stuck perfectly easy to the branches, just small blob of glue on on end , put it on tree and done!


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