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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Inside of the store

Downstairs is divided into two parts: store and small kitchen which is also storage room.
I made false lamps in the store and kitchen using clear marbles and jewelry findings. Store's floor is made of ready made marble tiles. I used some purchased store furniture like counter and dispaly cabinet, also table and chairs. I put two cornices as shelves on dividing wall and small bench at the bottom.

On the bench You can see big jars of tea and coffee with printed labels and special spoon so people can buy them per pound. All inside of the room is decorated with posters of coffee and tea. There is plenty of boxes of tea and coffee, some cups and tea sets to purchase, they are from different sources and in wide variety of sizes and shapes. There is also a lot of cakes and sandwiches to buy and people can drink something hot and eat a snack at the permisses. i made all of food from Polymer Clay: cakes, cookies and sandwiches.

There is an old man with small kitten. He's everyday client. He likes to drink his morning coffee here. Small boy, a little mischievous (check his hands) boy who is looking dreammily at the cakse. And Young lady is making her purchase so You can see on the counter things she's choosen and money she is paying with. The owner is just bringing some danishes from the storage. She wears old-fashioned dress as she believes it gives her store special, homely atmosphere.
She has shopping bag ready to pack all stuff. On the counter there is jar full of Petite Fours I made from Polymer Clay.


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