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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Outhouse almost done

  1. My outhouse is almost done, the only thing missing now are hinges, I just have to wait for my order to come along with Chrysnobon kit for belly stove, This will be my first adventure with Chrysnobon kits, I'm very curious how it'll go.

    I weathered outhouse a little using dark green and charcoal gray paints in two ways: first as a wash, than some storkes with "dry brush". It doesn't look like it's sitting there forever, just for some time already. I also weathered inside as the doors are often open so the inside would get its share too.

    I made my toilet bowl (reminder: this outhouse was build by Bob himself in his garden and he just thougth it will be more practical to put there toilet bowl with whole in the bottom instead of regular wooden bench (works the same). I saw it few times myself so it's nothing strange and anyway that's miniature world! Anyway the I modelled it from air drying clay (Paperclay), sanded a little but not too much as I didn't want to smooth all the cracks. It's painted with acrylic paints: white and gray, than finished with great thing I just bought. It's glaze in spray by Krylon intended to make whatever material You have like ceramic and I think it worked great.
    Desk on top is made from Polymer Clay, the funny color is just an accedential as I had not used ball of different colors (don't remember what it was intended for, hehe) but I liked it for this. I also made the top for the desk but it will be lying somewhere around as it got broken (purposefully) and is not used by Bob anymore.

    The rest of added accessories: two magazines from printies, touched up with gray paint for some dirt and crumpled them a little; three rolls of fresh toilet tissue on the shelf made from real tissue and pieces of straw (very easy and effective) plus one on wire (this one is smaller as it was already used) plus some dirt on the floor like ground and a piece of tissue. That would be it.


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