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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Front garden

Along with decorating surroundings of the house with plants and flowers I created small garden at the front. Name of the store is paintedon wooden plaque in shape of tea-pot. At the porch there is a dog waiting for one of the customers. Doors and shutters are decorated with rubb-on decalls and painted with laquer for preservation. there is short path leading to the steps (it's again sample from home decorating store, this time sample of roof covering material). I covered rest of the base with sheet of grass.

I used some plastic aquarium plants and silk flowers to create this garden. I also put here small pond made of fish-shaped ceramic dish filled with small stones from Polymer and some foliage and with scenic water. There is small bird sitting on the edge of the pond. There is also big orchidea at piece of wood which i bought and You can find small turtle near to it. I added some foliage in different shapes and shades. At the front there are two flower beads I made myself from airdrying clay covered with tea-leaves and decorated with some Polymer stones. I planted there carnation I made from crepe paper and paper covered wire plus some pastels, hair spray and pieces of floral tape. At the porch there are two hanging baskets made by me from bottle caps covered with canvas and painted, than attached to the wire and filled with some clay, than glued some lichen and paper punched flowers. those flowers I used also to make false flower boxes by gluing some foliage to the bottom window trimmings.
Making the base from thick styrofoam made easier attaching the plants, especially ones difficult to glue on, I just used some small nails.


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