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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Office upstairs

So, upstairs there is small office and living room. Floor in the office is made from ready made parquet pieces I painted with laquer, only once as i wanted it to look used, not too shiny as the new one would be.
There are prinites on the walls like the ones You can see in every office, dyplomas, notes etc. I constructed white desk myself. it is not straight as it should but as it's covered with all the stuff it doesn't seem to matter. I collected for this office stuff like bin ders, fax-phone, lava lamps, laptop, calculator etc and mase some from printies like scanner and printer, checks and other documents. There is open calendar on the chair and overall it looks like she just left everything during all paper work and intends to finish it later. The rug is printed on special fabric and glued into piece of felt . It's antique oriental rug.


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