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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Living room

This living room is not real living quater. Its purpose is mainly to be a place for meetings with some bussiness partners. So it's plain and elegant. But bertha sometimes stays here for night like when she has her bills to fill up. You can see here her love for cats as along with their bed she has also some plates decorated with cats on wall. Lamp is made from big, half marble and jewelry finding. Floor is covered with faux suede paper. There is just few accessories filling this room. Some vases and books at the cabinet, big flower, cat's (yes!) porcelain statue, On the table You can see some books and newspapers, candles and carafe with glasses on the tray (carafe needs to be filled after last visitor), basket (made from Polymer base, wires and embroidery floss to look like wicker, decorated with ribbon on top) filled with nice smelling soaps and seashells. ON the lkeather couch there are pillows and Bertha's handbag and hat. So, the place is elegant and simple. No mess really as she can expect someone every now and than.


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