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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kitchen/ storage room

This small kitchen and storage room has a lot of functions to fullfill. Bertha (the owner) can brew there fresh coffee or tea for her clients. You can also see here microvawe as she sometimes heat up sandwiches for customers and sometimes just makes herself lunch. So she also has there small fridge in the corner under the stairs (I took old cabinet, painted it whote and removed panel from doors and replaced it with clear plastic sheet), filled with drinks and some food (of course my own). There is also some food of top of it as she is going to fix her lunch as soon as has a moment of free time.

There is also sink with some dirty dishes and some already clean plus all washing neccessities. I made this sink myself from pieces of balsawood, moldings and plastic container from MacDonalds (they keep there sauces). I didn't have any faucelt at hand so I made modern one from silver Polymer Clay. Over the sink there is window with some curtain so nobody from the streetcan look directly into the sink. On the right there is storage unit with utility table. I constructed it from pieces of balsawood and moldings for decoration. All those funriture were constructed by me as after dividing downstairs I ended up with very small room and a lot of stuff to put into it so there was no way to fill it up with ready made furniture.

This tsorage unit is filled with different kinds of tea and coffee, in jars and boxes, additional dishes and some other bits and pieces. There is also her phone and even bottle of Pepsi and some cups for kids.

I like the effect which I achieved with the floor. it looks really interesting and it's made of those paper samples of different paint effects I mentioned before. they are great sourse for every miniaturist as they are free and have a wide variety of colors and textures.
You can spot in the kitchen two cats and even their bowls and food. Bertha loves her cats so she takes them every day with her to the store and even has a bed upstairs for them in case she would stay here for night.

Bay window is filled with all variety of stuff available in the store so there are tea nad coffee packages, cups and other stuff. By the widnow there is old-fashioned coffee grinder.

You can also spot, looking carefully, some onetime bags of tea. They were fun to make from printies.


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