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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tea & Coffee 5 o'clock Shop

So, I'm done! My new dollhouse is finished and even managed to make pictures. The only thing to do is add plexiglass to save interior from dust. But I have frames for it ready.

The kit is quite easy to assemble. It's Lafayette by Dura-Craft. The only minus of it is that plywood sheets were warped a little which made some troubles when assembling but somehow it's not so bed. Tabs and slots construction is easy but needs to be covered as slots are too wide than needed. Some are covered with shingles, some with plaster I put on outside walls.

First floor walls are covered with Plaster of Paris and than painted with cornmeal paint. It gave interesting look to it.

I painted shingles with avocado paint and than put some patches of stone effect color and I really like the final effect. One of the most time-consuming things in dollhouses is putting on all those shingles as you need to tape them down after gluing one or two rows. wait till it dries and than You can move further. But even so begginer as me can do it so do not fret.


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