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Friday, September 15, 2006

Outhouse on the go

My next small project for big garden is the outhouse. I already build it. Now it needs just attaching doors by hinges (which I need to purchase as during moving lost all supply of small hinges and nails), dirt it a little, add some touches like a bunch of newspapers, toilet tissues and toilet bowl or bench ( I didn't decide yet on that) so it will rest a while before finishing.

I made it according to plans I found in magazine (can supply a copy if someone's interested0. It took me almost all day as there is a lot of small pieces: planks and supports, each cut separately, sanded a little, stained, thatn sanded to make some of them to look older and weathered). I used charry finish from MinWax for staining and it worked great as I wanted not even cooloration. This stain needs to be mixed very well before each use to give its perfect chocolate almost color but if You use for some pieces not perfectly mixed stain from bottom of can and for some the thinner liquid from the top, You will get different shades. I also didn't left them to dry, just paint with finish and blot any excess with clothe so the color is not too intensive.

The planks aren't perfectly even but I guess for outhouse it's even better as it is supposed to be roughly build, very often by people themselves woithouth any craftsman help.


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