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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How to do eggplant

You will need Polymer Clay: black, dark purple or dark violet, green and some wires, the best will be thicker one which can be unswitched into few thinn ones.
First add some black to Your purple/violef clay and mix it well, You just need very dark purple, almost going into black. Shape eggplants, You can look at real one for guidance. I rolled a ball, than make it into a little elongated shape and squize one end to make it a little thinner. Take very thinn wire about 1" long, or longer for hanging eggplants, and push into shaped clay leaving half of it outside. Than shape small ball of green clay, flatten it a little and push onto wire. You can put a dot of liquid clay between eggplant and green piece. Push it slightly so they will stay together. Shape it a little with toothpick making some identation around to make it more like flower looking. Than cover rest of wire with thinn piece of green clay making sure it's completely covered. The best way is just roll down small piece to get kind of sheet and wrap it around the wire, coneccting ends and smoothing them with toothpick. Wire could be smeared with some liquid clay to get better joint. Than bake accordingly to instruction on Your clay.
To make main branches use thicker wire and cover it similarily with green clay. Bake. After baking You can paint it with some greens and browss to make the color more realistic.
Leaves are 5-fingers ones and I dind't have right cutter so I rolled thinn sheet of green clay using pasta machine and than cut my leaves randomly, getting different shapes and sizes, just trying to keep them 5-fingers. I embossed each of them pushing leave mold, You can also use some plastic or silk leave to get more real surface. I didn't leave them flat but made them more like curled down and different in shapes. After baking I touched them randomly woth some green shades of paint.
Assembly is very easy. Make any kind of base.I made mine from air drying clay. Painted it with mix of glue and brown paint, covered it with dried tea leaves and than pushed my main branches into it. Than I attached using crazy glue (as it catch joints quickly and don't make You keeping every one a long time in fingers) branches with eggplants and all the leaves, trying to cover with them all joints between main steams and smaller ones. And tada! Done.


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