Sylwia's minis

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bay window

I wanted to have big bay window in this room so i used normal one 12-lights but build it in deep recess. There is snowy road behind it, it's just a picture from magazine and small light. When lighted it looks like the street at dusk.
I decorated this window very generously. I put white felt with gold stars on bottom to simulate snow plus some cotton balls. I glued some colorful confetti on the window (stars, trees etc). Than added a lit of holy, colorful garlands made of chanille, two candle holders made of greenery, balls and candles from Polymer Clay plus some silver sparkling powder. Than added some figurines, plate with Santa and gingrebread house 9I made it from Polymer Clay and even sold few like that on eBay).
I really like this window. And surroundings of it (cornice, curtains and panels at the bottom) make it look so elegant.

Christmas room

I guess I like this one most. It came out very nicely. And it's lighted.
I purchased some Petite Princess furniture. I saw once beautifully apt made using those funriture so I thought I could use them in this room and I did. I used: ettagerie, console, table, fireplace and candles. I used different arm cjhairs as I needed something more suitable for Christmas.
So I planned the room carefully and build it from foam core. I made some mistakes with measurements so it needed finishing with help of my husband but mostly it was fine.

I made an additional wall to build deep window bay what let me put there a lot of Christmas decorations (I spend about month haunting for all christmas elements and end up with a lot of them). I made window treatment from delicate Japanese paper. The wall with fireplace is covered with brick paper (just a prinite) and painted with varnish. I framed pictures from magazines (painted with varnish to give them more like paintings look) with painted with antique gold picture frame.

The floor was a big achievment. I spend on it a lot of hours but it was worth it. I cut small planks from veneer and that's alone very difficult and time-consuming as veneer is soft and has tendency to break not where You want it to. Than I glued them in tree like desing on the floor. After drying I filled all cracks with wood filler and painted it with darker stain as much to change color to darker as to cover sll those filled cracks. After that I laquered and polished few times till the oment I got perfect shine. I even made pictures before decorating room completely to show it.

More is to come.

Modeller's room

The little inspiration for this room I took from my husband as he's building military models and diorama. Althought the room is fictional, of course. But there is his hobby everywhere. There is finished tank (actually bought in models store, it's in 1/144 scale or a little bigger), on his desk You can see finished soldiers and motorcykles kit just started, paints are everywhere, on the walls there is a lots of photos of real things as well as models, there is also box with another tank to built (bought at the show) and big box with all his materials (like some wood scraps, foliage and few sheets scanned from real catalog. Oh, he also has some books about war etc.

In addition he's patriot so he has bed and chair in appropiate design (the lady from eBay made it to my order). Oh, and he used his storage shelf to keep his models of airplanes (they are made from laminated paper and I needed just to put them together, were intended as collection for a kid, and costed mi only $0.99).

I made his computer from scraps and printies. Chips and juice cartoon are also from printies. I also added some posters from Victoria's Secret catalogue as You can also find pictures like that in boys' rooms, especially older ones.

Girls' room

The next one in serie of dorm rooms is room belonging to two girls, Jona and Alice. They love sports more than everything else and even have some trophies. They also love movies especially romantic ones so there is plenty of posters on walls. Of course, there are open drawers as they were just getting ready to go and Jona is still there.

In corner there is bean bag which I sew from velvette fabric and on top of it there is bear. They have around them very adult stuff like cosmetics but at the same time they still have mascots. Oh, and Alice plays gitara so there is on her bed (bottom one). They also like origami and obviously one of them left some origami paper on the floor. Perhaps they aren't litter bugs as boys in previuos one but still not perfectly neat.

I made plant from Polymer Clay and also some apples and sandwiches. There is a lot of stuff on storage shelf including some clothes (folded fabric), hat, skates and others.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Messy room

This one dorm room belongs to two not very neet boys, Kris and Tom. They like what most boys like: movies especially adventures, cars, comics, sports,pizza, beer. Cleaning doesn't belong to thei favorie activities what You can easily see.

Some of the most interesting features in this room are: leather jacket bought at miniatures show, box with leftovers of pizza (cardstock plus Polymer Clay) and pieces of pizza everywhere, some socks (I used terry cloth), desk 9yep, You got it, i did it myself from balsa) with open drawer, a lot of other interesting bits and pieces.

The new series begins artist's room

First, just a few words about the whole idea. This is a serie of roomboxes made in wooden wine crates, two in each. Those are teenagers' rooms, probably dorm rooms, full of all neccessary stuff like books, maskots, clothes, even food and drinks.

Some of the features are similar like fake windows. I just build them from scraps of eood painted white and put behind picture of some garden and piece of clear plastic for glass. All window treatments I also made myself (that is interesting, I am buying a lot of different things but never bought a piece of window treatment, I do them all myself, and they are quite simple). Floors are made from veneer (which is time-consuming as I needed to cut each plank separately and than glu them all into place), some additionally varnished to change color. Three of rooms have closets made from cardstock, of course opened to show their mess. They all have a lot of shelves made from balsa.

First one belongs to Cristin. She wants to be an artist so there is plenty of artistic supplies there: paints, palette, brushes, easel with picture (made it myself using very cheap scraps of balsa), sketchbooks, a lot of paintings and sketches on walls, painter's portfolio (made from cardstock and covered with paper to immitate snake skin). I also made plain table (ough, the true is that I am not very good with wood and building furniture, straight lines is something almost impossible to achieve, but I'm still trying, especially when need something not available comercially). Cactus on the window sill is made from air drying clay and fruits from Polymer Clay.

I like bed and armchair set. I found nice lady on eBay who makes furniture like that. On the bed there is big maskot. It comes from key-chain I bought at Bronx Zoo.

There is big storage shlef where You can see some dishes, food, box of Coke, suitcase I made from some project I found in magazine, there are even skates and other stuff.

Mary's and Stella's dressing room

They aren't here now, probably they are working hard on the scene but You can know a lot of them just from looking at their dressing room. It's definitely messy (yep, I like it soooo much, messy and filled uo to edge rooms, full of life and activity). It looks like they just run out in big rush from there.

Walls weren't painted a long ago, so there is a lot of cracks (cracling medium) and floor is rough. Imade it out of veneer I got from a friend (he supplied me with a lot of different kinds of veneer, in different shades and they are great for so many different kinds of floors). Lights are also like in the other room made from crystal beads.

There is low "coach: on which they put all their stuff. It's so old it even doesn't have legs anymore (actually it's leftover of my try of chaise lounge). There are also hat boxes decorated with paper, a lot of cosmetics, some clothes (mostly pieces of folded fabric), shoes and other stuff. I put there a lot of feathers as they used them in their costumes very often. They will have their own celebration so there is a bottle of cheap whisky and plate full of brownies (made them myself). You can also spot some postcards (Stella wants to travel so she collects all postcards she's getting). There is also big poster of Marilyn Monroe and book about her (Mary admires her so much and wants to be like her, perhaps with exception of early death).