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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This one was made plainly for fun (though I will enter it in Miniature Collector contest, lol).
This little squirrel just moved into its new nest located on some forgotten rocking chair. The chair was once used, painted nicely gold but than someone just tossed it into the garden and forgotten totally. So the chair along with stool got some patina and with time got covered with plants and nobody anylonger cared for it. Someone even left there some old plant pot. Now our squirrel decided to make herself at home here and brought all her nuts supply with her. Hopefully she will leave here happily after.

The rocker and stool are from Chrysnobon kit (I really like those kits, they proved to be so easy to put together, I'm amazed) painted with gold and than with special fluid to create patina. I covered them with different kinds of \scenic materials and plants and nuts are just some spices (they're intended for cooking crabs and seafood).

I never before tried to do something in this kind but actually I like it so much I can perhaps try some more creations of this type soon. I can consider selling it as I'm really short of space but not sure if I can part with it, lol.


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